Tuesday, April 28, 2009

PR 3 to PR 0 is Disappointing

As I shared in my last post regarding my PR 3 to no PR information available. Well today in my SEO stats says it turned to PR 0. It's hard sometimes especially to get a PR 0 after having a PR 3 but I don't have a choice but to accept it even though it's hard, lol. It's a little disappointing and discouraging to me. I have so many questions I want to asks but how and to whom? For me PR in a blog is an achievement made by a blogger. What do you think? Do you have similar thoughts as mine?


Cecile said...

yup, the same thing with me; kasi you've worked hard to get that PR eh di ba?

maybe they will give it back to you next time, dear!

EntrePod said...

lisa, page rank is not as important for a personal blogger; as it is for a business or professional blogger.

page rank is fed by comments, visit counts; and updates to your blog. the amount of published content greatly effects your blogs pr.

pr for blogspot blogs will never rise greatly because it is not on a self hosted domain, and doesn't have the longterm existence to establish credibility as a reliable page.

that is really how google ranks your page. you may try the webmasters tools and see if the google webmaster analytics will help enhance your page ranking.

also paid for post immediately devalue your blog in google. so if you are a paid to blog poster - your google ranking will not rise.
google see's it as spam.

Lisgold said...

Hi Ces, tinuod gyod ka Ces. i appreciate your comments...thanks a lot..

Lisgold said...

To EntrePod, thanks a lot for the comments, some i wanted to know about PR you stated it in your comments, for that it helps me a lot...So thank u so much and i appreciate it...

maxiVelasco said...

hello lisgold.

my Pr 3 went to PR zero i guess three weeks ago. but mine was due to a trojan virus attack. i was logged in to my google account where my blog's URL and sitemap were submitted. after the trojan virus attack, the URL and the sitemap all of a sudden disappeared. a day later, google said that my blog's no longed cached and indexed which means that the PR will go immediately to zero.

i was advised to resubmit my URL and sitemap to google but everytime I did it, I got an error message. I resubmit more than ten times and got the same error message over and over again. therefore, i decided to delete my old google account and open a new one.

on my new google account, i resubmit the blog's URL and sitemap again and at once, google accepted everything. now, my blog's again cached and indexed by google. however, i need to wait until the next google PR update until i get back my pagerank.

what i've learned is that paid posts don't really devaluate a blog for as long as we're not directly mentioning the product or the company's name. this is why most advertisers use key words and some even strictly mention never to include the company's and the product's name on the title and the body of the post as it will be considered as spamming. not sure about this though as i am not an SEO expert. but this is just what I've learned.

anyway, have you checked your blog's URL and sitemap on your google account? if not, then do so to see if there's something wrong with your blog's account.

have a great day!

maxi of www.healthnbeyond.com and www.ovahcoffee.com

Regina Sunderland said...

Same thing happened to me a while back. Really shook me up when I saw it too. It was a literally..what the f..k moment.
Along with the ever lessening comments etc, I actually stepped away for a while from trying.

Gives you a big hug. Don't worry love you will get it back.

twinks said...

I can feel you. It happened to me before - from PR 2 - PR 0. But it happens, that is a part of blogging life. Don't think that your PR is a reflection of how good you are as a blogger. Believe me I own a third domain, no paid posts and I last updated it November last year, traffic is very low and no value at all but it got a PR 2 for years now.
Like you I was disappointed when MR.G took away my PR in my main site but I got used to it later on. I hope you'll feel better. Hugsy to you! ^_^