Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Sleeping Time

Since I was here in the USA, my sleeping time is really much different than when I was in the Philippines. The latest time I would stay up when I was in the Philippines was 10 PM. After that time I couldn't stay awake. That's why I was never up to date with the late shows on TV at night time. Also I had to wake up early in the morning because I had a sow and piglets to take care of back then.

Now that I'm in the USA my sleeping time has changed because when I arrived here my husband's work schedule was at night time and he came home late. It was hard for me to sleep while my husband was at work so I just waited for him to come home. Then when I got pregnant with my little boy, I had difficulty sleeping because my tummy was getting bigger and I think that's what most pregnant women feel. Even though I had problem with my sleeping, everything was fine and great. Now I have my little boy and he is near 14 months old and we still are trying to change our sleeping habit but my little boy has difficulty to sleep early too. Well, all I can say is we still sleep late and we wake up late too!!!

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