Saturday, August 29, 2009

I neglected this blog

My last post on this blog was on a Saturday, but not last week or the other past weeks, but more than a month ago, so I updated this blog today, Saturday. Wow! I neglected this blog for more than a month, yes it's because the owner's mind is so empty and nothing to share about, lol. Many times I shared about the 3 blogs I own and really it is my fault due to the fact I made them and I thought I could keep them all updated. Yes, I did for a couple of months before I giving birth of my little boy but after I had him, really it's hard to work all of my blogs, so since I have my little boy, I just concentrate on my domain if I have time in front of the computer and if I have extra time like I do now then I can update this blog or my other blog aside from my domain. Now I'm happy though because at least I can even visit my blog here, lol. Anyway to all of you who visit this blog, Thanks a lot!