Monday, April 20, 2009

Need more rain and sunlight

For two days in a row now we have had a dark sky and some rain. Since yesterday afternoon the rain started pouring but it wasn't much yesterday, unlike today the rain really made the grounds wet. It's good for the plants and trees though. I hope soon I will be able to take my two plants out because I know they need more rain and sunlight. We brought them inside during the winter to keep them alive and they are still here. I hope soon the weather is good enough to put the plants back outside so that they can grow more flowers.

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shydub said...

Amo ok ra dri, pero karon adlawa ga ngitngit mura kaulanon. Thanks sa comments d i lis oi, daghn kayo nag comment nga mura dw sila twin malibog dw sila mag drop ec hehehehe