Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blogger Buddy Award

This is a Blogger Buddy Award I got from Chuchie of Three Chies' Trends. For you my dear friend, thanks a lot for the thoughts of sharing this wonderful award with me. I do really appreciate it and thanks a lot..

This Blogger Buddy Award I share with the following, Bobbie, Bob, Lyla, Cacai, Jessel, Lynn, Cecile


Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Hello Sis Lis, thanks for grabbing the award. Have a good Friday to you.

Lynn said...

hello sis. may award pala me here. la man ka ingon. hehe. will grab this soon ha. thanks a lot! mwah!

Cacai M. said...

Hello Lis, thanks a lot for this sis.. I love it! Here's my entry for this award you've given:

Thanks a lot buddy!

Lyla said...

thank you Lisa...i'll put your award :)