Saturday, July 11, 2009

Health care affordability

While visiting other blogger pages, I decided to stop and visit dNeero for a while to check if they had survey for me. Yes, I found one and it's quite interesting because it's all about health care affordability. Health care insurance is very important to everybody. But there are many who don't have health care insurance and can't get the proper medical care they require. If you are interested to read the health care affordability survey I made just take a look below.


American Idiot said...

Interesting. I actually had almost the same answers as you on everything, except I put 12.5% instead of 15%.

Empty Streets said...

Dropping by via Entrecard and checking out what is new over here. Hope your week is going well and that it keeps getting better :) xoxo

Daisy said...

Oh just wondering for quote some time now, do you earn from that dNeero thing?