Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

How was your Memorial day? We arrived home a few hours ago from my step daughter's to have a dinner. Yes, she invited us to have a dinner and we went there around 5PM. We got there just in time and everything was ready to eat, lol. I couldn't help them with the preparation because I didn't know what I could do. There were plenty of people helping anyway. They prepared a lot and barbecued a variety of meats. After our dinner we let the kids play in the playground. My little boy had a nice day and we had a Happy Memorial day as well.


Empty Streets said...


Metz here of Empty Streets 1027 dropping by from Entrecard. Wishing yah a great weekend ahead :)

Happy Memorial day too :)

Dont forget to keep cool this hot summer season :) xoxo

Karen said...

Happy Memorial Day!