Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finale of American Idol

Just here on the couch watching the finale of American Idol while my little boy gives me a break. Yes he gives me a little time in front of the computer tonight. He plays with his dad as of now so I took this opportunity in front of the computer by updating this blog at the same time watching our favorite show American Idol. Well, the two remain on the American Idol finale both have good talent to sing with different styles so I don't have favorite choice to pick who I wanted to win, so good luck to both of them.


Lynn said...

oh, it's the finale na pala and i haven't seen a single episode. hee hee.

thanks for the visit sis. enjoy ur week ahead!

Lyla said...

i watched american idol on Star World unfortunately Adam didn't win. where as i prefer Adam to Chrisvo

askcherlock said...

Okay, by now it's over. I just want to see Susan Boyle win in Britain. She brings me to tears. I don't think there will ever be another talent show as remarkable as the one she is in. Inspiring.